First dive into tweet analysis

I'd like to think I could get into analysis of Twitter posts in an easy way, but I don't think I will find any great revelation. What I see are integration points, and they surface information, yet they require a fair bit of scanning still and lack aggregation. That seems to be at the heart of my interest, that any form of information gathering should reduce the time to analyze, not make it greater. So here is an example: I come across the following post in which feeds are pulled by keyword:

OK, so that is somewhat useful, but look at the excerpt of the tweets below. At least half of them are direct replies, which means the context is lost because you can't click into dialogues between people who aren't in your follow you/follow me realm, and another subset of the tweets refer to ebooks generally, so is that useful?

Comments on this initial thought are welcome. It is end of day here in the Windy City, and so I'm going to stop thinking and start again tomorrow.

Twitter Tweets about Ebook OR Ebooks as of February 15, 2009

Starbryte: My internet passion started back in 2003. A little eBook set me on the road, it was Google C…
2009-02-15 20:11:04 · Reply · View
affiliatetweet: New Blog post New Blog post New Blog post Affiliates needed to sell ebook by delight: Hello, This is n…
2009-02-15 20:10:36 · Reply · View
Baelen: Retweeting @dhowell: via @internetcases, Why The eBook Industry Needs More Piracy
2009-02-15 20:07:51 · Reply · View
FollowerGuy: @passport2riches FREE EBOOK? Really? LOL
2009-02-15 20:03:03 · Reply · View
jacquelynrose: @TonyRush Yes Tangible products are better, but I like ebooks are more quickly accessible…
2009-02-15 20:02:57 · Reply · View
sundaycosmetics: 65 participants in Sunday Buzz Word of Mouth Campaign. Participants recv’d eBook today, asked to send opinion & tell others!
2009-02-15 20:01:18 · Reply · View
TonyRush: Note to marketers: I will pay more to get the same information in a tangible product. Ebooks are great but I’m tired of them.
2009-02-15 19:59:07 · Reply · View
vreak: reading ebooks
2009-02-15 19:56:59 · Reply · View
GillyNash: Watching ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and working out how to publish my eBook (working title: Ditch Your Deadend Job)…
2009-02-15 19:55:01 · Reply · View
scribbl: Getting Robin Hobb ebooks for the PRS-505 soon I will have all my favourite books in one shiny silver device.
2009-02-15 19:54:00 · Reply · View
wotarticle: How to Make Money From Niche Ebooks: If you have the passion for writing and if you have great skills that can i..
2009-02-15 19:53:21 · Reply · View
sundaycosmetics: eBook Homegirl’s Lessons from the School of Life (20 pages, $10)
2009-02-15 19:51:35 · Reply · View
crowdSPRING: @JohnathonDonne It does happen. @rosskimbarovsky is writing an ebook about stock licensing (related to this subject)
2009-02-15 19:48:00 · Reply · View
dhowell: via @internetcases, Why The eBook Industry Needs More Piracy
2009-02-15 19:45:38 · Reply · View
2009-02-15 19:44:46 · Reply · View
cbmatthews: @sbradley3 @bchambers Downloaded this ebook. Found some interesting points.
2009-02-15 19:42:12 · Reply · View
asgarcymed: [MED.ebook] Blood-Pressure Measurement: Evaluation of blood pressure is essential in assessing cardio..
2009-02-15 19:37:38 · Reply · View
2009-02-15 19:33:36 · Reply · View
shwen: In case u didn’t see this, check out @TDefren’s (FREE) SM Marketing ebook, "Brink":
2009-02-15 19:29:48 · Reply · View
hostelmana: The good thing about not having wifi at this cafe is that I’m completing one of my half-finished ebooks.
2009-02-15 19:27:50 · Reply · View
inspiredeggs: @TDefren read the ebook. Nice work. I found it very helpful. Will be using some of the ideas in presenting social media to our President.
2009-02-15 19:21:41 · Reply · View
george_lerner: Sports Arbitrage eBook stopped selling, original ugly sales page (lots of underlines). Trying an uncluttered rewrite,
2009-02-15 19:21:07 · Reply · View
artisthowto: 50% Off eBook “Polymer People” Hands and Feet
2009-02-15 19:11:24 · Reply · View
jmoservices: Working on an EBook to take my mind off of what a stressful week it will be for me and my family.
2009-02-15 19:07:30 · Reply · View
freebooksource: New blog post: Requirements and concepts for future automotive electronic architectures from the view of integrated safety http://ebook
2009-02-15 19:06:21 · Reply · View
kissandmakeup: QVC is trying to sell the BeBook eBook for £11 (+ P+P) more than it costs in store.
2009-02-15 19:05:04 · Reply · View
syedakram: just finished read ebook regarding "gold mine from mobile" this weekend have a great day…
2009-02-15 19:00:00 · Reply · View
manuelvl: Retweeting @gleonhard: Seth’s Blog: Free Tribes ebook Get this free **** book. Seth is worth every minute you …
2009-02-15 18:58:16 · Reply · View
GeoAtreides: ebook: The Psychology of Genocide: Perpetrators, Bystanders, and Rescuers: [download link]
2009-02-15 18:57:49 · Reply · View
greatchocolate: The LOVE ebook Brings Love and Charity to a Country Aching from … - (press release)..
2009-02-15 18:56:27 · Reply · View
cmcfadden: My dream ebook reader: Sony prs505 +kindle software/whispernet +slide out keyboard.Kindle 2 gets closer, wastes space for secondary uses.
2009-02-15 18:55:04 · Reply · View
smartcomputing: Just finished read ebook regarding iPhone app this weekend
2009-02-15 18:52:57 · Reply · View
MoreMoneyNow: RT: Latest Update Make Money Ebooks: Hours performed are stringently for kid regard. Even though they a.. htt..
2009-02-15 18:52:01 · Reply · View
Abundancehealth: Finished our Ebook
2009-02-15 18:49:00 · Reply · View
dsp_mm_romance: <3 New M/M romance: Reflections of Love anthology for Valentine’s Day! $16.99 paperback, $6.99 eBook at <3
2009-02-15 18:47:46 · Reply · View
bandit44: hey I am looking at how to write an ebook for EA’s, got alot of experience to offer anyone interested?
2009-02-15 18:46:44 · Reply · View
PaceyGorilla: @stephenfry you can get the ebook for free through the Stanza App and Freedbooks’ online catalogue. -)
2009-02-15 18:40:27 · Reply · View
2009-02-15 18:39:25 · Reply · View
tim_oneill: @timmcgaffin Thanks for following! As a gift, here’s an ebook that impacted me greatly. Enjoy!
2009-02-15 18:39:07 · Reply · View
affiliatetweet: New Blog post New Blog post Affiliates needed to sell ebook by delight: Hello, This is not an real pro…
2009-02-15 18:35:07 · Reply · View
MMOJ: Latest Update Make Money Ebooks: Hours performed are stringently for kid regard. Even though they a..
2009-02-15 18:34:56 · Reply · View
freebooksource: New blog post: Doing Business: Independent Evaluation: Taking the Measure of the World Bank/IFC Doing Business Indicators http://ebooks
2009-02-15 18:32:25 · Reply · View
Leona_L: Blog Update: The Media Savvy In The Internet Era! Free Ebook Download
2009-02-15 18:30:50 · Reply · View
elantro: Trrent Colección Ebooks Ing. Estructuural
2009-02-15 18:30:25 · Reply · View
sverjans: @psychemedia Very positive experience with Sony ebook reader. Both epubs and pdf’s work fine on mine. (Prefer the Sony to the Iliad, myself)
2009-02-15 18:28:17 · Reply · View
ognibeni: The new article skimmer from the NY Times is pretty cool. Having this on a eBook-like device would be even cooler.
2009-02-15 18:27:28 · Reply · View
simplicissimus: ebook news: Libro: From Dust to the NanoAge: E’ per me un punto d’arrivo aver realizzato l’unica stor..
2009-02-15 18:22:16 · Reply · View
varietyengineer: @tim_oneill Thanks for the eBook. I’ll read it a little bit later this year, as I have to finish my Dissertation first resp. asap )
2009-02-15 18:21:27 · Reply · View
yourimpact: I’m reading the Make 10k in a weekend ebook..whew! Lots of info here…anyone else read this sucker???
2009-02-15 18:18:50 · Reply · View
tim_oneill: @MarkMooney Thanks for following! As a gift, here’s an ebook that impacted me greatly. Enjoy!
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