Measurement and "The Ultimate Question"

This week I wander off in a slightly new direction, picking up on a survey based on Reichheld's ultimate question of "would you recommend us to others?" as a measure of customer satisfaction. Fred has a good point about the simplicity, and he has an equally simple calculation to translate the Likert scale values into a measure, and now I'm looking into the follow-up part. Do I target the customers who would recommend us first? Do I try to bring the less-than-enthusiastic ones back into the fold and raise their scores? If I do try to raise their scores, how do I measure the steps taken to improve loyalty (a much better word than "satisfaction" I agree)?

My premise starts with dedication to the customer -- before I make the first call, I have to get as complete an understanding of their projects and their service before I try to engage in a conversation. Once I have that background, I can move on to the calls, but only when I have a full plan in place. No point in making information gathering calls if I can't take the responses and try to translate them into something good, like more loyalty or more business, something like that.