The idea of projects/work and jobs

Just read a good post on Executive Update about looking for work, not necessarily a job, and I completely agree with the theme in that article. It may very well be the case that those of us with deep expertise and solid experience across various industries end up as contractors in one form or another. In late 2008 I wound down a company, worked on a couple of contracts, built up a profile, and did a lot of connecting on LinkedIn, and certainly a great deal of this was driven by the economy, but it was, I think, an early showing of what Gartner has been trumpeting related to HR, that in the days ahead it will all be about talent, networks, and projects. Even to the level of office space -- the need for physical space drops off too in many cases with the connected nature of the world. I'm going to use this post as a placeholder so that I can come back and think about related measurement. How do we measure and track success in this sort of working world? What are the personal KPIs, both for ourselves and for people looking to measure our skills and success? Surely the data mining of keywords in resumes won't do, because any fool can pack a resume full of keywords and get good results in searches. Maybe recommendations on LinkedIn? Star ratings? An aggregate of LinkedIn, eBay, and Survey Monkey results? No idea. All I know is that the change is coming, and at this point it seems equally exciting and depressing.