Shift to mobile has started

I've always hated phones, at least in the past, maybe because I don't like the interruptions or I have yet to find a mobile device I like. The Samsung Blackjack was one, a really durable phone all things considered, and as of late the Samsung Jetset through Cricket has been very good. So I guess I don't like the phone much yet I really like phone technology. I've supported a PBX system, sourced a VoIP solution and managed the installation (Mitel), then run a bunch of analytics against said Mitel system. While doing that I switched the home phones to Vonage, and in all the new technology beats the old hands down. So today I've fired up Google Voice -- 708 406 9066 -- after getting an invitation, and I'm looking forward to having a main number that I can manage behind the scenes. I'm also writing up a big SharePoint application assessment, and the more I'm in SharePoint the more I'm thinking about the mobile aspect of it. Much to look into on the mobile side, what with so many things headed that way, and functionality such as LED lights and, finally, the ability to project presentations so that you don't need a computer. Help me, Obi-Wan. Sales in the west are terrible. Installing SharePoint is our only hope.