Settling in with the Day Grid Balancer

So it has been a few months since I've been using the Day Grid Balancer, and I find it to be quite effective, and now I am tossing my old sheets up on the wall as a reminder of progress. The more marked up and filled in the better, the more I've done. It has become a unique blend of "Getting Things Done," both the Allen AND Black versions (for those of you who know that there are two good "Getting Things Done" books out there) with my Rhodia notepad and Day Grid Balancer sheets and an inbox. In the past I'd gone to extremes, with weekly papers and notes all marked by week and year, and then I'd scan/fax them as a set and load them into a content management system. Interesting to be sure, but a big waste of time really. Life is a whole lot more loose than that, full of corrections and mistakes and an endless list of things that don't matter and will never matter, so for me it is best to simplify. So far so good with the new system.

my daily grid balancer