Fully reloaded for OSS

Just finished up rebuilding an Ubuntu machine and it went surprisingly well. This time around I was after some integration of the LAMP stack with PostgreSQL, and while the config settings and whatnot differ a bit for that server, it was quite similar to MySQL. The biggest trick wasn't with the server per se but with the connection to phppgadmin on Apache, because you have to set the enhanced security flag to false for phppgadmin or else you won't be able to login from http://localhost/phppgadmin. Now it works like a charm: phppgadmin working

Next I'll be doing a clean install of eZ Publish 4.2 to see how Roland Bendetti and his product  crew have been doing since they adopted a more formalized roadmap. Not sure that it will matter with a manual install, since they seem to have put a lot of work into more polished installers for the masses (a good idea there), but maybe along the way they fixed the strange issue where you had to select the right combination of languages to get the demo template set in place.

After that it is back over to EPiServer to spend more time with their latest product. They have a lot going on too, and I'm curious about where they are headed with consolidation of various packages and bolt-on features.