Taking a break in the shop

Quite a month, with a lot of work with Unfuddle and more recently Assembla. My attitude toward running projects has changed considerably, and I don't think I will ever go back to the land of Microsoft Project and those sorts of structures. I was in that realm for many years, and the project management was never tight to the work, but now I feel very much in control of my teams. But more on that later. Today saw some shop time. Getting back to the linen tower -- oh, just a few years in the making -- was good, and I'm getting close now. I planed down the rails for the doors and got them sized, and today saw the fun of the router table out in the snow so I could route the grooves.

I can't say I was thrilled with the routing, because the grooves turned out fine but the mortise ends were choppy. My stock was too thick for clean cuts, so I had to trim the ends after, and I guess there was a bit too much rolling across the bearings while routing the ends. So be it. I was cold and figured that I'd have to spruce up the doors anyhow once assembled, so there you go.

At one point I thought I should cut the mortises by hand, and maybe I should have because the maple wanted to split more than usual, but Wang ... it is a bathroom linen tower. Time to get it out of the basement.

I remember how when I was building the base cabinet I watched episodes of "Dr. Who", so maybe I'll do that again and close the loop. Just trim up the doors at the detail level once I piece them together and get the joints really tight. The real trick will be to get any twist out of the doors since the main one is really long and could flex if I don't mix and match the pieces right.

So there you go. Some work in the shop, and it was a good change from technology and projects.