Fix for the doors

Well, the final fix is in and I've pushed past my laughable mistake of not noticing that I was cutting up a sheet of 1/4" oak veneer plywood instead of maple veneer plywood. For the record, a few thoughts on the fix once I realized I'd done this:

  • Buy veneer and apply to the surface of the oak (too costly)
  • Cut and fit 1/4" maple veneer plywood pieces over the oak ones (that would NEVER look right)
  • Route out the ends to slide out the wrong panels and slide in the new ones (hmm....)
  • Cut out the ends and fit new ones with new plywood pieces

The last two were the only viable ones, and lucky for me I followed the old school rules of never gluing in floating panels like these. I went with the third option, which seems to have worked well enough, though halfway through it I thought hard about the fourth option, which is a more purist way to go. But the fourth option would have required me to re-manufacture the end pieces, so a lot of router bit changing, so nah. Not worth it for the ole bathroom.

Getting Ready

Getting the patient ready for the big event. Count back from 100 ...

Cutting to Get at Panels

Routed away enough that I could slide out the old panel, mark the maple plywood for an exact match, then slide the right one in.

The Patch

Turns out to be a decent lap joint. Idea is to fill the gap and then plane back down smooth.

Almost Done

The new panel in place on one of the doors. Would have been nice to have caught this earlier!

The Final Fix

OK. Final fix in place and then planed and sanded down. Should do for the bathroom. Note that this is from the back, so NO, I did not put more oak in this time around. Showing the back of the maple veneer plywood.