The Radio Tower

My dad was a radio operator in the Navy in WWII, and he was on the U.S.S. San Fransciso, good old CA-38. He had a lot of good stories about the south pacific, and he said that many times he watched the entire ship going under the waves beneath him while up in the tower, so an interesting way to work. My mom stopped by this past weekend and dropped off some of his old books, and I was happy to see a unique set of specification manual type documents that only a former Navy guy could love.

When the day had ended I sat up and flipped through the pages and looked over all the lengths and tonnages and the sizes of the guns. I learned that CA-38 was a heavy cruiser, second only in the big hierarchy to the battleships, which clock in around three times heavier and have guns (16") twice the size.

Then come the light cruisers, then the destroyers. One would have thought the destroyers would be higher in the chain, but my guess is that they are lighter and faster. More reading for the future I suppose.

At any rate, I'll use the ship punching through the waves as my theme for the day. Not unlike IT projects I guess, sitting in a radio tower and looking out across the horizon, sometimes into blue skies and sometimes into pelting sleet and hail in which you can't see a damn thing. Sometimes on the water and sometimes watching your whole ship get slogged by waves.