Switching Costs

Back to the blog after some time away and thoughts these days center around switching costs, both for projects and for life in the cosmic sense. How many email accounts do you have? How many projects are you on? How many collaboration sites do you use for information and task management? Read the books and watch the documentaries and decide which theory you prefer -- can we really multitask or not? Are humans capable of the level of multitasking we pretend we can handle? I am definitely in the camp saying that multitasking is a myth. Oh, we can do it a bit, but all truly productive and enjoyable work comes when you are focused, not when you are flitting across eight things at once.

Consider flow, those moments when we are absorbed in the moment and what we are doing, and how enjoyable work becomes. And deep thought as well, periods in which we take the time to wonder and explore around very specific concepts or events. How long has it been since I've had those moments? Far too long I think.

Dale Carnegie wrote about living in "day-tight containers" as a way to diminish anxiety. How do you know what is coming tomorrow, good or bad? Why fret about it? Why not pour all of your focus and energy into today?

More to follow in the days ahead. Over the past six months I've watched several projects play out simultaneously, and the successful ones have a singular purpose and a common online workspace that team members log into each day as if they were driving a big rig cross country. Other projects are laden with distractions and inefficiencies, lots of noise, and too much communication.

OK then. The site is updated and I'm back and the summer season has begun.