Back from Governor Dodge

Back from a camping trip out at Governor Dodge State Park and it was grand, with great friends and perfect weather. Mel was cooking and blowing us away as usual, and I'm sure her comments and photos will beat anything I can post up here. Behind me is all the camping gear, which I'll sort out and stow and clean up a bit, then get ready for the fun return to work tomorrow. A trip to Hole in the Wall after dinner now that the fall stretch is here, the fade of summer into fall and winter, and then we all go hibernate for a while. Must press on and finish Littell's "The Lonely Ones" before the end of the month, and I still have some 300 pages to go.

One thought to end with, a question to our friends in Wisconsin. What is up with the gaper's block? Three major incidents, two on the exact same stretch of road near Madison, and there was NOTHING to see. Some guy changing a tire. Another guy whose bike may have fallen off the rack on the back of his car. Seriously -- press on and go looking later on YouTube. Took us an extra 1.5 hours to get home thanks to all this, but we can't really be upset about it. You do have New Glarus after all!