Guider Rajan overhaul

Lately I've been interested in Indian fountain pens, and the first one I bought was a Guider Rajan. Well, I think that is the brand/model at any rate. There was Guider, then Varuna ... hard to make out what all is going on over in India with product lines. At any rate, here is the first pen I worked with:

The first thing to mention about this pen is that it needed work. The cap part, above the clip, was cemented on askew and there was a ridge, and that was rather messy. I sanded the cap until all the seams were flush, then I polished it all out.

Next up was the clip, which was wobbly at the insertion point. Also let in a whole lot of air, which I didn't really want since the cap already has a vent hole. I taped up the cap, dripped some Gorilla Glue super glue up there, and sucked it into the gap. A few times around for this routine and that part was sealed up.

On next to the nib, which did not pass my first litmus test -- having the nib aligned with the feed. Ugh. I so hate when the nib and feed are not aligned. I let this go for a time, tinkered with smoothing out the nib, and then somewhere along the way the tines just sort of folded over. Hard to explain, but I think the nib was just junk. OK then.

Swapped it out with an old Sheaffer nib I had, but that one never did it for me really. Wrote fine, but I wasn't feeling the love. I had a spare TWSBI nib, and I liked the idea of putting in a SILVER nib as opposed to gold. better fit with the clip.

I knocked out the nib and feed yet again -- the saving grace of an eyedropper filler since you don't have to monkey with friction fit sections -- and then I filed it out to accept the TWSBI feed. I could have used the feed that came with the pen, which for the record is like a mile long, but I thought it better to shift up to a "standard" size with the TWSBI feed.

At this point I quit tinkering -- the pen writes wonderfully, and the somewhat vague TWSBI nib design doesn't make me feel like I have a frankenpen built with odd parts. That was the vibe I got from the Sheaffer nib.

I have another pen on order, so we'll see how that one comes through. With options to buy German nibs, I'm OK with getting the bodies and doing some slight repair work to get the pens where I want them. More posts to follow as I explore the interesting world of hand crafted pens from India!

And just to finish things off, one last shot of the TWSBI nib.