Writing Revolution 2014 - The Purge Begins!

Well, I've sure been here before -- sitting back and looking at all my pens, pencils, ink, refills, etc., and telling myself it is high time to purge and push through all the stuff I've compiled and accumulated. Funny how easy it is to get into the Depression Era mindset where you create proverbial jars of buttons and nails all over the place for use in the future. Over the years I've made the transition from storage to on-demand, and I must say the on-demand world is infinitely more enjoyable. We are all on the planet for a short time, a very short time, and the less time I spend moving files around on backup devices the better. All those years of curating and organizing MP3s, backing them up and moving them around, copying from drives to computers to iPods, and now I just use Spotify. Best $10 a month I've ever spent. But pens and pencils are a bit different. As with my use of media -- looking for ways to actually listen to music, or watch videos, or enjoy photos -- I want to use and enjoy pens and pencils. The measure of success with writing should be consumption, and I think the core psychological premise is quite solid:

  1. Write a lot and enjoy writing as well as whatever I'm writing with
  2. Get the brain-hand-writing connection that typing doesn't provide
  3. Cycle through a set of pens/pencils each week
  4. Track progress as I use up ink, refills, lead, and pencils

The concept in all this will be to choose FOUR writing implements a week, whip up a blog post to keep myself on schedule, and review the process as I go. The weekly set will be as follows:

  • 2 fountain pens
  • 2 ballpoints or rollerballs
  • whatever pencils I want to use

The starting set for this week is shown below, chosen mostly because the TWSBIs were tanked already and I just got the EIMIM pen from Will Hodges last week.

Week 52 2013 Pen Set

From left to right we have the EIMIM Y (http://www.eimim.com), a Pentel Ergonomix Wing Grip, a blue TWSBI 540, and a clear TWSBI 540. I don't think the Ergonimix are being made anymore, and honestly they are a bit wacky in their configuration options, but it is still a pretty damn cool pen. Styling is detailed and the pen ships with a crazy fine ballpoint that makes you feel like you are a scientist or an explorer.

As for pencils, I'm giving myself the freedom to use those up as much as I like. I have a great love of pencils and the act of writing and watching pencils get shorter and return to the earth, and I've setup an empty whiskey bottle to store stubs as I work through my stock of pencils.


Pencil Stub Bottle

To go with this bottle I have a super fun extender from JetPens that will let me use the pencils until they are down to nothing. Extreme to be sure, but I splurged this year and bought 24 Blackwing pencils, so I want to get all I can out of them.

OK then. On to the big fun. Let's see where all this goes!