Marketo's Big Coloring Book is AWESOME

Heading into the Christmas season this past December I came across Marketo's Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book, and after it got me laughing I flipped through it again and started playing around with the sections. The buzzwords were easy to find (and accurate), and I was tempted to cut out clothes and play Dress Up a Marketer but didn't get to it, at least not yet. Marketo Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book

Then it was on to Conference Matching, and I learned about the big conferences and their strange logos. Sorry to see that Content Marketing World is in Cleveland. From there I went to the Book Match-Up, and I read through ALL of the following:

  • The NOW Revolution | Amber Naslund
  • YOUTILITY | Jay Baer
  • Likeable Business | Dave Kerpen
  • Purple Cow | Seth Godin
  • Optimize | Lee Odden
  • UN-Marketing | Scott Stratten
  • The Referral Engine | John Jantsch
  • Content Rules | Ann Handley
  • Fascinate | Sally Hogshead
  • Crush It! | Gary Vaynerchuk

All interesting books, maybe with the exception of Fascinate (creepy) and Crush It! (overly optimistic and irritating). So, this post is basically a shout out to Marketo to say you had a great concept and it was fun and I learned quite a bit. Well done!