Tactile Turn Z Pen Hack

So I'm at work today and I look over at a standard issue Pilot pen and a thought occurs to me. What if I added a slide on grip to my Tactile Turn Z pen? Before we get started let me say that I absolutely love the pen the way it is, the design and the balance and the durability. I have a small blemish in the finish near the grip area, and I started running ideas through my head on how to adapt that area of the pen to hack it a bit and see if I could try out some modifications. Note that these changes result in absolutely no impact to the pen at all -- they are removable changes that rely on friction, pressure, and fit. I tossed on the Pilot grip just as a test (as shown in the photo below), but this would definitely not be my go-to hack.

Tactile Turn Z Pen Hack

My thinking is to try out very thin covers/sections that would not affect the diameter of the barrel too much. The barrel is already a great size, so any form of cover would be added for color or grip comfort. Some ideas on things I will try in the days ahead:

  • Shrink wrap tubing
  • O-rings
  • Embroidery floss

I'll post more images if I continue on with this idea!

Follow Up!

Turns out I didn't like the girth of the blue grip, which I pretty much expected. Image below shows the same concept with embroidery floss. I did the wrap fairly quickly just to see how it would come out, and this is exactly what I was after in terms of the feel. Super thin, so the barrel diameter doesn't really change, and the vast array of colors of embroidery floss open up interesting color combinations.

Tactile Turn Z Pen with Embroidery Floss

Not sure if I'll keep it for the long term, but it adds an organic feel to the pen, so it is sort of a cool combination of technical precision and the natural world.

Yet Another Follow Up!

Still at it. Shown below is the idea of rolling on a number of o-rings. In this case the inner diameter is just right, and the outer diameter is pretty good if a bit much:

Tactile Turn Z O-Ring Grip

So, 3/8" inner diameter seems to be spot on. I didn't put on as many as I wanted because I only had a partial package of o-rings, so I'll look around and see if any other options like this will work. Kind of reminds me of the Michael's FatBoy pens and how they blend rubber grips in with the solid aluminum barrels.