The Great Pen Purge - Week 3 of 2014

Totally behind on my post this week so I'm pushing through tonight to get it done. Maybe I'm holding on to fond memories of last week when I was absolutely amazed by the Pilot Kakuno and wonderfully surprised by my fake Dunhill. Oh, and the Waterman Commando was stellar too. The lineup for this week includes a Fisher Space Pen (found in a parking lot all dented up), a Tactile Turn Z, a Vanishing Point, and a Pilot Vortex.

Pens for Week 3 2014

I fixed up the Space Pen and added a retro clip, but I must say I absolutely hate the refills. For some reason they all seem to write like they have chalk in the ink, and honestly who needs to write upside down or in the rain or in space? The Tactile Turn Z has a hack grip overlay I'm trying out, so I'll see if I like that. The Vanishing Point is lovely and is using the remainder of the Kakuno refill from last week (yay), and the Vortex is simply AWESOME. If I had to pick five pens that are incredible but totally overlooked I'd put the Vortex at the top of the list because it is fun, well made, and balanced. Plus it writes extremely well. Here I have the rather unique chocolate color, one I picked up in Paris.