The Great Pen Purge – Week 4 of 2014

Great experience last week with the Vanishing Point, Vortex, and Tactile Turn. The Space Pen was a dud to be sure, so that pen will probably be tossed into the bottom of the supply bin, maybe even donated. In the lineup this week we take on a Pelikan theme, and I've selected the following:

Pen Selection for Week 04 2014

From left to right we have a Pelikan M800, Pelikan M400, Koh-i-Noor 5311 5.6 mm clutch pencil, and a Sheaffer Targa rollerball. The M800 was my second major purchase for my pen collection, after an Omas Hi-Tec, and it is truly an amazing pen. I've had it sitting idle for a really long time, I suppose because I'm reluctant to carry it around, and I'm glad that my weekly forced rotations inspired me to pick it up.

The M400 was a treat for myself after I finished a week long software training session for content administrators at Harvard. I got the pen at a good price before Swisher went out of business, and it is fun because it has an oblique nib.

The Koh-i-Noor pencil continues my fascination with using clutch pencils as pens, and this 5311 is absolutely lovely. It is a tank, durable and extremely solid, and the body is smooth and somehow natural in spite of it being some form of plastic or resin. The tip has small grooves in it, and your fingers find there way there when writing, and while I'm guessing that part of the design was intended for sketching it works extremely well for writing.

And the good old Targa. Really love those pens as a reflection of where they came from in pen history, that 1970s streamlined and elegant sort of thing, and they are well balanced for writing. At one point I chased down the official Sheaffer refills for this pen, and I still have one in the bin, but those refills tend to smudge and feather and are generally hit or miss. I have a hacked refill in there now, a Uni-Ball I think, and it is lovely.

And so off we go with the new week!